19500 Sandridge Way

Suite 450

Lansdowne, Virginia 20176


1860 Town Center Drive

Suite 120

Reston, Virginia 20190


Phone: 703-724-9474

Fax: 571-346-1921




The breast surgeons at the LMG Comprehensive breast center provide care and consultations for the entire spectrum of benign breast concerns, breast cancer risk assessments, in-office ultrasound evaluations and biopsies, and top of the line breast cancer surgical care.  With mammography and ultrasound on site, and  CT scans at the Lansdowne location, along with our radiologists and our 3 outstanding medical oncologists, we offer a truly unique treatment center home for our patients diagnosed with breast cancer, and a one-stop shop for our other breast care patients. We believe that real-time interdisciplinary communication and care provides for a unique quality experience in our friendly office.


The Comprehensive Breast Center is a combined office of the breast surgeons as well as our Medical Oncology colleagues, Drs. Mei Firestone, Syed Ali and Raj Manchandani. The office Infusion Center is actively treating our patients, and the Imaging Center connected to the office is also open! See the page titled "New Comprehensive Breast Center" for more details.


Those of you who have come to Dr. Chiantella's practice over the years have been aware of her dream of creating a truly "one-stop" interdisciplinary site for women to get comprehensive care all in one place, should they be diagnosed with breast cancer. The stress of a cancer diagnosis itself is enormous, but care for breast cancer involves several different specialists, most often in different locations. This stress is amplified as the patient is forced to bounce back and forth between multiple sites of care. With the support of excellent Medical Oncologists, high-quality radiologists, and the Loudoun Medical Group Board, we are revolutionizing Breast Cancer care in Northern Virginia!


The facility is in the 19500 building of Sandridge Way, on the corner of Lansdowne Boulevard and Riverside Parkway. The fourth floor location includes the Infusion Center, the offices of the medical oncologists and breast surgeons,  and imaging, including modalities of mammography, full spectrum ultrasound (not just breast ultrasound), DEXA bone density screening, and plain X-ray imaging. There is a CT scan suite just down the hall as well.


This practice design is incredibly exciting for us as providers, knowing we will have instant communication with one another about the shared patients under our care.  And the convenience we offer our patients is unparalleled. It sets us apart from all other "Breast Centers", as we are a single-site care and treatment center, not just a diagnostic facility that provides only imaging and biopsies.


Many patients, and indeed many physicians, are unaware that the actual "3D" portion of a 3D mammogram  can not be reproduced on film or on a CD - in fact, it can not be viewed anywhere outside of the imaging center where it was actually performed!  Although 3D mammography has advantages, unless the breast surgeon is physically in the imaging location, the surgeon can not view an entire 3D study, and this is a great impediment to rendering an independent opinion.  With the merging of imaging on site, the breast surgeons can now see your entire 3D mammogram just as the interpreting radiologist does, on a radiologist workstation, real time with your imaging. This is truly unique!


Please do take a look at the Loudoun Breast Health Network website, www.LBHN.org.  we are always looking for assistance in identifying those patients whom we can help, and are happy for new volunteers who wish to "Pay it Forward"!




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