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COVID Virus Update




For now, we are happy to have ONE other family member/support person to be present in person during your appointment. Please DO NOT BRING CHILDREN. 


Also, there are patients actively receiving their chemotherapy in our office, and we must protect them, so masks are still required to enter the office. 


PLEASE LOOK AT THE "IMPORTANT ARTICLES" PAGE ON THE WEBSITE, data prove that missing your annual mammogram INCREASES the risk of death from breast cancer. Do not put off your screening over COVID fears. I definitely am seeing an increase in advanced cancers becasue of delayed screening.


Regarding COVID Vaccination:


If you have the opportunity to get vaccinated against Covid, PLEASE DO SO! Please also be aware that there are people who temporarily react to the vaccine by getting swollen lymph nodes in the armpit on the side of the vaccination a few days after the shot. If you have had breast cancer in the past, please get the injection on the OPPOSITE side from where your cancer was, so clinically there is not confusion over whether the cancer has recurred in the lymph nodes. THE COVID VACCINE DOES NOT CAUSE BREAST CANCER, but it can make the nodes enlarge,  and some have misinterpreted this effect, and implied the vaccination caused cancer. This is incorrect. The enlarged nodes can result in misinterpretation of your breast imaging, but radiologists have become aware of this phenomenon.   If you feel that you have had this reaction, the node swelling will regress after a few days but can persist a couple of weeks. If you wish to delay your mammogram because of this side effect, so there is no confusion over the mammogram results, as mammograms do include images of the nodes,  please do not delay your mammogram longer than 4 weeks to stay on schedule with your screenings. (See the "Important Articles" page!)


COVID vaccination can be done any time, it has no effect on timing of surgery, if you need surgery. And get your booster when appropriate.





GET VACCINATED~~~~GET VACCINATED~~~~GET VACCINATED~~~~ and boosted when appropriate (please!)


You are required to wear a mask when coming to the office. If you do not have an appropriate medical mask, we can provide you one at the front desk.


Our office is dedicated  to protecting you from illness. Please do your part to help, as well.  Do not come to the office if you have a temperature of 100 or greater. Do not bring children  to your visit. Do not come to the office if you have cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or any respiratory symptoms, fever, new body aches, nausea/GI upset, have been near a "healthy" person who has tested positive, or if you have been near a COVID sufferer.


Thanks in advance.





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